Building Your Real Estate Dream With a Stated Income Commercial Loan 

stated-incomeCommercial Capital Solutions Inc. can provide your company with a stated income commercial real estate loan. These loans are a favorable alternative to traditional commercial loans, and they are ideal for companies and individuals looking to purchase or refinance commercial properties. Unlike traditional loans, which place the most emphasis on a borrower’s credit history, stated income loans place more weight on the value of the property. These loans are usually easier to qualify for, and the approval process is far quicker since there is no need to amass a multitude of financial documents. In order to be approved, you simply must show that your property is capable of generating the income you need to pay off the loan.

Simple and Fast Approval Process

As long as you have a credit score above 600 and you can prove that your commercial property can generate revenue, you are a candidate for a loan. Commercial Capital Solutions Inc. offers loans of up to $500,000, and almost all types of commercial properties are accepted. We strive to close quickly, and most of our loans are closed in as little as two to three weeks. Whether you are considering opening a restaurant or you need an office space for your small business, a stated income commercial loan is just what you need.

A Loan to Fit Your Needs

Stated income loans can be used for a plethora of purposes:

  • Mortgage refinancing
  • Working capital
  • Renovations and improvements
  • Debt consolidation
  • Buying a property

If your current mortgage suffers from an extremely high or ballooning interest rate, a stated income loan from Commercial Capital Solutions Inc. can be of immense help.

Don’t Let Your Credit Discourage You

With our company on your side, we can help you find a stated income loan to fit your financial needs. These loans are perfect for borrowers with less than perfect credit who are interested in the real estate industry. Learn more about our commercial property loans by calling us directly.