Would Equipment Leasing Increase the Bottom Line of Your Business?

equipment-financingCommercial equipment is much like computer hardware. The day you buy it, it might be the best on the market, but within a month, it can be obsolete. Obsolescence doesn’t happen just because something new and greater comes out, but when your business changes and needs to grow or cancel a product line. Instead of investing a great deal of working capital into your equipment, ask the financial team with Commercial Capital Solutions Inc about equipment financing.

Leasing Features

  • Applications starting at $150,000, with middle and large markets having greater opportunities
  • Little to no down payment
  • Flexible payment structures to fit your business
  • Most types of business equipment can be financed
  • Financing for startups
  • Tax benefits

Companies We Have Helped

We understand that in today’s economy not every business has stellar credit. Our business has a second chance for companies which have had their credit damaged because of the marketplace. We have assisted B, C, and D credit businesses with equipment financing to get them back into a better category.

Startups often don’t have the financial means to get a traditional loan. Equipment leasing is a good option for newer companies without the credit history of a competitor in the same space. We want to help newer organizations grow and expand to benefit their community.

Government and municipalities often need equipment for a shorter period of time. Our team of professionals has worked with many government agencies, both federal and state, to find the equipment financing that makes a project happen.

Let Us Help Your Business With Equipment Leasing

Ask our professionals about equipment leasing. We can help you determine if it is a good option for your business and lay out the terms to understand all the benefits. Don’t tie up valuable working capital or pledge collateral to get the financing your business needs to stay competitive in today’s market. We can help.