How Your Business Benefits From Offering Consumer Financing

Today’s consumer often doesn’t have the disposable cash to make large purchases. They may walk away from your business when they don’t have access to financing. At Commercial Capital Solutions Inc, we have consumer finance options that can be offered in-house to your customers. We work with multiple industries, from education, retail, medical, and travel.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Quick implementation and support for your office
  • Fast deposit of funds into your account
  • On-the-spot credit decision
  • Marketing Support
  • No collection duties fall on your office
  • Flexibility for your customers
  • E-signature capability

Don’t Miss Out on Sales

Your customers have a simple and fast application process which can easily be completed online. This offers them an online account to manage their payment, and the ability to make repeat purchases with your business. A customer has the opportunity to pay for their merchandise over a period of time, giving them access to what they need today. We report to the credit agencies, which can help their score increase as they make monthly payments.

Talk to our team of experienced and certified financial professionals who can help you find the customer finance solutions to fit your business. We want to see businesses grow and expand by helping them make more sales and find customers.